Drivill The Best Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh is one of the popular countries for its population and busy traffic. As Dhaka city isn’t very updated or has enough parking space, the road isn’t very widespread. For this busy traffic folks lost most of their valuable thing that is time. You don’t know when you will reach our destination. But nowadays there is a lot of Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh as a foreign country. Alone this rideshare you can have a road trip, even you can also have a long journey trip with any kind of vehicle. DRiViLL is one of them. This American transportation will start soon in Bangladesh too. Drivill Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh ensures you maximum comfort and safety in your ride. So, how Drivill is different from others rideshare?

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh

Why Choose Drivill?

For a new generation, DRiViLL is an American transportation network company. And this amazing Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh too. This transportation offers easy transportation with different types of vehicles and you can easily choose the type of service you want. Just select one from the registered app of DRiViLL. They will provide you the best service with the best ride. Even you can also choose which vehicle you want like, a motorcycle, motorbike, car, etc. The company can convince customers with their positive message and prove their capability with their service. This company aims to serve you the primary purpose to give you an impressive service. This company is going up day by day.

The Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh, DRiViLL you can easily book a ride in any vehicle with minimum ETA whenever and wherever you need one. It doesn’t matter where are you or which corner of the city you are stuck in. DRiViLL can get you in a few minutes. Simply tap on the app and the rider will arrive at your doorstep. The rides are comfortable and cozy, they will provide you proper safety also. This app introduces the best Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh. App connects the users and the company’s authority to serve well thousands of happy customers in the city. This new generation app will serve you well and provide you excellent service. App has also options for providing bike. You can also have a journey trip with a motorbike. The service is improving as we get feedback from the users. In this way, we can attain success in the industry.

Drivill services (Based on customers preference):Drivill Service Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh


  • Economy Class: If you a have tight budget then this the best option for them. You can travel with four co-passengers in a low budget. The DRiViLL always thinks the comfort, safety in the low fare. The car will provide you much comfort and they are qualified for your journey.
  • Luxury Class: Luxury cars are a bit higher than the economy class with premium facilities and they provide you more comfort and coziness. You can easily have a road trip with our super comfortable cars.
  • DRiViLL Motorbike: Motorbike services are the most popular ride type in Bangladesh. This type of ride is most famous for the low cost and super fast service. If you are alone or one person and need to move one place from another than these motorcycle rides are best. We are providing all motorcycle rides 24/7.

Key functionalities of Drivill:

The key factors become very popular and more trustable ride-sharing serves to match the lifestyle of the people of Bangladesh. A good mobile app for riding service should include the following fixtures:

  • Map and Location services
  • Offered Services
  • Matching system
  • Payment gateways and Fare Calculator
  • Referrals
  • Security
  • Customer Care

Drivill Map & Location Services:Drivill Maps Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh


DRiViLL is one of the affordable Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh. This ride-share provides you to enjoy GPS tracking of rides. This company will amaze you with the tracking of the vehicles with the best connectivity. You will get a notification to know about “Cabs near me” with stable GPS tracking. Our travel will give you extreme pleasure with the GPS system.

Drivill Offered Services:

The app has multi-functional abilities to register, track, and perform fast. You can enjoy an amazing road trip with a great discount also. These offers are available with all kinds of vehicle. We are the best transportation service as we are giving guarantee the best quality service. DRiViLL offers you safety and security, 24/7 customer care support, give DRiViLLs credits, ride-sharing features, airport cabs, and so on. The service you won’t let you down.

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh Drivill Live Tracking:Drivill Live Tracking App

Nowadays, many tracking devices help to detect the device. Tracking devices are also known as a system that observes a man or an object on the move and supplying a timely order sequence of location data. This wireless system is so capable of collecting information and exchange information for appropriate actions. The application helps to find out and track a target and report information about the destination. Generally, all this live tracking is doing their work with the help of the GPS. At this time every vehicle has GPS. So you can easily track the car wherever the location is. On the other hand, tracking devices are also using now for monitoring human. It is doing their job by using a mobile phone. This tracking system helps a lot in various ways. The tracking system can help you out if your car is lost. You can easily find out the location of it. With the tracking progress, you can see all the way where the car is going or stop. Nowadays, ride-sharing apps are quite famous, as it makes your life so easy. In these ride-sharing apps, you can easily find out where the cabs are locating. this live tracker will help to find the criminal drivers

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh Drivill Matching System:

DRiViLL’s matching system provides the passengers to find out the suitable driver super fast and the company’s system allows the drivers to accept the order fast too. DRiViLL always believes in quality checks and do the quality and efficacy checking of the drivers before allowing the registration. DRiViLL’s ride never has any unwanted reviews from customers. If the customer or passengers can always register a complaint against the driver or the service. We will solve all these issues as fast as possible.

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh Drivill Gateways:

This Feature is the next basic and perhaps the most important one is the way to exchange money, make payment. The company has modern technology to enables easy and financial transactions between drivers and customers. This modern company also uses cash-free payment facilities as they are more secure and fast payments in cash. There are some methods for an app this should be:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bkash
  • Nagad

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh Drivill Referrals:

Ridesharing becomes famous and fun when you can earn with it very easily. DRiViLL introduces ‘referrals’ for the customers so you can refer and earn bonus rides from the registered app. The app will give you credit with rides so you can enjoy a happy ride with any type of service. We value the customer’s effort to choose us as a reliable Dhaka can service provider so it is a reward from the company to our prestigious customers. Then don’t wait for anything, enjoy your ride with the bonus credit with your lovable one. And of course, you can spend your credit on your upcoming rides too.


Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh Drivill Security:Drivill App Secured OTP

You don’t need to worry about your journey as we are giving you a hundred percent safety. We are providing you the safest travel because we have a great team for security management. Being the best Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh, DRiViLL’s always got you secured cab services when you want the service. A ride-sharing facility needs always high security to ensure a better ride every time. DRiViLL rides are safe and secured with not only our safety facilities but also we have an emergency call and live tracking system of the rides to provide you the safest ride. The emergency call will help you out and hear your all problems with the app or the driver.

DRiViLL has an OTP system for drivers and customers so you can’t ride a car or bike without OTP whether you are a driver or customer. A passenger can’t complaint against the driver without any OTP and a driver can’t start a ride with the OTP process. So we want to make sure our company will provide you always a safe and comfortable ride.

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh Drivill Customer Care:

DRiViLL has a professional group of customer care that allows you to clear all your issues and doubts anytime and anywhere. The app helps you to reach the customer care service in just one click anytime. So if you are on a ride, you can easily contact us. Drivill users of Bangladesh will be able to connect us for any requirements while having or not having our service. You will provide you the best care.

DRiViLL is done only to provide you a safe journey. So we do not want any kind of problems or harassment while having the ride. We are extremely requesting you to follow the guidelines of the company terms and conditions to avoid any confusion about our work areas. If you have any little confusion or problem with DRiViLL, then just simply concerned us about it. There is always a team to fix it up. The issues will be fixed as fast as the terms of the company. Customer feedback is always welcome in all cases. So don’t forget to give feedback after a ride.

Drivill Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh:Drivill Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh

DRiViLL app, UI/UX design of the project is a really simple, attractive, and user-friendly app yo use. We always try to maintain a flow in the booking app, so you can enjoy it perfectly and with the smoothness of the super-fast booking. The app has clear ways to ride-share, pick and drops cabs, luxury, economy and bike rides, fastest GPS, digital payment methods, and a lot of features. SO you won’t face any problems with your journey trip. The apps will also offer the latest bonus with the ride.

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh Drivill Conclusion:

Before closing up, we need to ensure that DRiViLL is a really fast, affordable, and profitable project. The facilities what are we giving to the customers are best in class. The services are really good and comfortable. Degrading our services by lowering their amenities of riding, we can confirm the customers that it has made us the Best Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh. We are giving our riders almost every corner of Dhaka city. If you want to know more about DRiViLL, download our app and visit our official website page.