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What Drivers Get

Do You Want To Earn With Us?

As a driver, you will get the best-assured assistance to grow your profession by joining the DRiViLL cabs services. Your quality of work is rewarding for the company. Join us for immediate earning without worries. We assure you:

  • 24*7 Customer Care Support
  • Guarantee Of Regular Income
  • On-Time Weekly Payment
  • Weekly Bonuses Of Work
  • Narrow Margin Of Commission
  • Drivill App Without Bugs

What Customers Get

Do You Want A Perfect Ride?

Excellent services with customized cabs are the signature facility of DRiViLL cabs services. You will get a ride-sharing facility while enjoying the ride home from work daily. You will get to see the ‘cabs near me’ in DRiViLL App. We offer:

  • Best Car Quality
  • Expert Drivers
  • Bonus And Cashback
  • Refer And Earn
  • The Best Fare In Class
  • 24*7 Customer Care Support

Choose The Type Of Ride As Per The Preference

Best Ride Share Company In Dhaka

Economy Class

DRiViLL app offers the best option with the economy class to opt for a budget trip. You can travel up to four co-passengers with considerably low fare. Drivill assures the comfort, quality and maintenance of cabs.

Drivill Luxury Cab

Luxury Class

DRiViLL users of Dhaka, Bangladesh will enjoy the comfort of a luxury trip with exclusive cabs. The fares are a bit higher than Economy class for the premium facilities of DRiViLL cabs. But we guarantee you the best trip experience here!

Drivill Bike

DRiViLL Bike

DRiViLL Bike Service our most popular ride type in Bangladesh. Its fast & super low cost than any other company In Bangladesh. Maximum one Passenger can request a quick ride with DRiViLL Bike .

Why Choose A Ride With DRiViLL ?

Best Ride Share Company In Dhaka

Safety Comes First

DRiViLL rides are secured with a safety facility including emergency call & live tracking of the rides to provide the safest journey. Get services of rideshare App in Dhaka.

Best Ride Share Company In Dhaka

Prompt Customer Care 24*7

The efficacy of prompt customer care support is available for 24*7 to ensure a smooth service every time you choose DRiViLL App services.

Best Ride Share Company In Dhaka

Enjoy Free Rides

Earn DRiViLL credits with trips and referral programme. You will receive credit points to use on DRiViLL rides with every ride you and your friends choose with us.


You Can get free Rides OpportunityBy DRiViLL

All our Drivill passengers & driver partners can earn referrals bonus with no limitation. So share your referral code & earn your Drivill credit as much as you want. You can use your Drivill credit anytime in your upcoming ride.

US-based DRiViLL starts Dhaka operationBy Daily Sun

United States-based transportation network company DRiViLL has formally launched operations in Dhaka through ride-sharing service.Member of Parliament Nazrul Islam Babu connected to the launching ceremony as chief guest while via videoconference…

We Are Giving One Time Password For EveryoneBy DRiViLL

DRiViLL want to tell you everyone that we have OTP system for Driver & Passenger. Without OTP Driver cant start any ride, also without OTP Passengers cant make a fake complain against driver. So we want to make sure DRiViLL always safe for…

Best Ride Share Company In Dhaka, Bangladesh

DRiViLL introduces the best ride share company in Dhaka with some excellent features to check out now. Drivill app connects the users and the company authority to serve thousands of happy customers in Dhaka. This Dhaka cab service provider is a boon to the daily passengers who are looking for the best road trip ride experiences with some amazing vehicle for a daily commute. More than expected people have come and registered with DRiViLL to experience the ride-sharing at its provide you best travel story.

Why think of DRiViLL for an app cab?

1. Services Offered

DRiViLL is the most affordable ride share company in Dhaka. The users will get frequent app cab service of DRiViLL cabs around anywhere in Dhaka. Even you can book a ride on a bike or motorcycle too. This ride share app in Bangladesh operates the car services and motorbike services for the customers in Dhaka.

The ride-sharing experience with DRiViLL is impressive as the company has a super supportive customer care service facility for all customers. If you have any issue regarding the ride share app, you can easily connect to the experts of customer care service for further discussion.

2.Regular Rides

DRiViLL users of Dhaka will be benefited from unparalleled services for booking and having the services with the Drivill app. You can have a perfect road trip with us. You can choose to get pick up and drop cabs for a daily service at a reasonable cost. Economy class is the best option for having a regular journey trip with DRiViLL cabs.

3.Cheapest Option

Motorbike ride sharing is the most convenient and low-cost option for having a ride anywhere in Dhaka. Bike ride-sharing in Dhaka is best for the point to point journey. It beats the traffic jam with expert motorbike drivers.

4.Luxury Rides

You can choose luxury vehicle over the economy ones for the most fantastic road trip experiences. The comfort of such cabs will be incomparable to other car rides. The price of the journey is a bit higher than the economy class ride. But the luxury cab journey is worth riding.

5.Safety And Security

DRiViLL users of Dhaka will get secured cab services whenever they want. DRiViLL, the rideshare company in Dhaka, will allow eliminating the worry of a daily commute. Ride sharing facility needs high security to ensure a better ride every time you want. You can go through the terms of the same for a detailed description of the same. The company follows the Bangladeshi laws and jurisdictions strictly for a safer ride every time. DRiViLL provides the best in class safety measurements for the customers.

6.Frequency Of Services

You will never get worries while booking cabs as there are plenty of vehicles with Drivill. The users will get airport cabs in Dhaka with some simple clicks on the Drivill app. It is easy to get luxury or economy class cab from anywhere in Dhaka. Ride sharing is easy with DRiViLL. The facilities you get with the ride are always up to the mark. And you will also get some additional facilities with frequent rides with us.

7.Expert Drivers

DRiViLL believes in quality check. We always do the quality and efficacy checking of the drivers before allowing the registration. The customer’s experience will never have unwanted experiences with DRiViLL rides. You can always register a complaint against an uncomfortable driving experience to the customer care support team. We will resolve such issues fast.

8.Strong GPS Tracking

You will get to know about ‘cabs near me’ with stable GPS tracking. DRiViLL is the most Affordable ride share company in Dhaka that allows you to enjoy the GPS tracking of rides seamlessly. You will be amazed to see the tracking of the cabs with the best connectivity with Drivill app.

9.DRiViLL: Dhaka Cab Service Provider

DRiViLL app works all over in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The best ride share company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, offers excellent trips with luxury or economy cars and bike rides. Booking steps are easy. The user of the Drivill app can enjoy the journey trips at its best in Dhaka.


Ride sharing becomes fun when you earn along with it. DRiViLL introduces ‘referrals’ for the customers. You can refer and earn bonus rides from DRiViLL app. You will get credit points with rides also. Bonus rides and credit points are part of DRiViLL rides and ride-sharing. We value the customers’ efforts to choose us as a reliable Dhaka cab service provider. So, it is a reward from us to the prestigious customers.

11.Best Ride Share App

DRiViLL introduces the best ride share app in Dhaka. The customer can avail of the ride-sharing facility easily with cab booking or motorbike ride booking in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is also applicable in airport cabs in Dhaka. The users of DRiViLL can book DRiViLL cabs at a discounted price if there is any applicable voucher. DRiViLL app is one of the best ride share apps in Bangladesh. It is working only for the Dhaka capital right now.

12.Best Customer Care Support

DRiViLL, the best ride share company in Dhaka, has an efficient customer care support. The user of DRiViLL app can effortlessly enjoy the services daily without any worries. DRiViLL cabs services come along with the ride share app, which can be operated from the DRiViLL app. The customer care service is open for all. You can reach the team 24×7 for your road trip.

13.Reasonable price

DRiViLL was established to reach all types of customers in Dhaka. We know that all can’t pay a high amount for daily rides. And some people can not even afford the hiring price of a car. This is the reason why we have segregated the ride costs in three parts as per the customer’s choice. So, here are two types of cabs: Economy and Luxury. And the cheapest option is the Motorcycle ride. We do not compromise with the quality of services at any cost.


The facilities we offer to the customers are the best in class for their travel. And we do not degrade our services by lowering the amenities of riding. And, we believe that it has made us the best ride share company in Dhaka. We hope to serve the most appreciable quality of rides to every customer. Visit us to know more.

Get More Benefits

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Super-Fast Booking

Enjoy the smoothness of super-fast booking with DRiViLL app. Get DRiViLL cabs whenever you want from the mobile app.

Extraordinary Services

Ride-sharing, pick and drop cabs, and many more are the primary features the user gets from DRiViLL app. The app has a smooth operation with amazing specialities.

Best Ride Share Company In Dhaka, Bangladesh
Easy Tracking

Fastest GPS searching tracks the nearby cabs for quick booking. DRiViLL app provides the same facility for booking and rides tracking.

Enjoy Bonus With The Ride

The user of the DRiViLL app becomes a part of the DRiViLL family. We offer bonuses with the rides you book from DRiViLL app.

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